Simon Banks

Simon Banks taught art history at the University of St Andrews and had a career in qualifications management with Cambridge Assessment.

Since 2019 his publications include articles in Opera magazine and programme notes for Wexford Festival Opera.

Articles in Opera:
Richard Strauss and 20th century history (November 2019)
Schiller in opera (November 2020)
Opera and the French Revolution (in the BEETHOVEN 250 Edition, December 2020)

An article about Wagner, Wagner's "favourite hero" the Emperor Frederick II was published in Wagner News, the journal of the Wagner Society, in 2023.

An article titled "Building new futures by rewriting the past: how operas have recreated history" was published in the Summer 2023 edition of 'The Historian', the magazine of the Historical Association.

(For clarification - some bookshop websites refer to "other books by Simon Banks" and include links to books by other authors who share the same name).